Accelerated Pilot Training

Full time pilot training to get your certificate and ratings done as quick as possible

SimpliFly makes becoming a pilot simple. SimpliFly's accelerated pilot programs are designed specifically for individuals like you who are eager to take to the skies and accelerate their training journey.

The accelerated program includes training every day, from flight training to simulator sessions to ground instruction.

Intensive focus, rapid progress

Experienced instructors, exceptional guidance

Efficient progression, optimal results

Your pathway to an aviation career

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How It Works

Find out how to enroll in our accelerated program

The first thing we recommend is to do a discovery flight. Your discovery flight is designed to give you a taste of what it's like to be a pilot. You'll spend approximately 60 minutes in the air with one of our certified flight instructors, who will guide you through the basics of flying and answer any questions you may have. You'll also have the opportunity to take the controls and experience the thrill of flying first hand.

After the Discovery Flight

Enroll at SimpliFly and start training

Our team will pair you with a certified flight instructor (CFI) who will work with you to create a personalized plan with your goals in mind. You will train full time and work on getting your pilot certificate and ratings. Below are the certificate and ratings you can expect to receive upon successful completion of our accelerated pilot training program.

Private Pilot Certificate

Embark on your aviation journey with a private pilot certificate, the first stepping stone for aspiring pilots. This certification allows you to operate an aircraft for non-commercial purposes. Our experienced instructors are committed to providing thorough guidance, ensuring you master the fundamental skills of flight. Learn to confidently take off, land, and navigate the skies with the support of our knowledgeable team.


Instrument Rating

The Instrument Rating empowers you with the expertise and abilities to navigate through low visibility and challenging weather conditions, relying solely on your aircraft's instruments. This rating unlocks a multitude of opportunities, enhancing your safety and proficiency as a pilot.


Commercial Pilot Certificate

A commercial certificate grants you the privilege to fly for compensation or hire. With the guidance of our seasoned instructors, you'll acquire the mastery of operating advanced aircraft, encompassing advanced maneuvers and emergency procedures. Rest assured, you will be thoroughly prepared and equipped to overcome any challenges in your aviation career.


Multi Engine

A multi engine rating allows you to to handle complex aircraft with multiple engines. You will learn advanced systems and procedures including engine management, emergency protocols, and more. Our advanced training program will empower you with the skills and confidence to effortlessly pilot multi-engine aircraft.


Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

Share your expertise and proficiency with aspiring pilots, while accumulating valuable flight hours and experience. Once you get your CFI at SimpliFly, we offer guaranteed interviews to instruct at SimpliFly. Build you hours here and then qualify to go to the airlines.


Enroll Today and Start Flying

At SimpliFly, we take pride in the success stories of our graduates who have embarked on remarkable career journeys after obtaining their necessary flight hours with us. Numerous individuals have transitioned from our flight training program to prestigious positions within the airline industry or other exciting aviation career opportunities. This could be you!

Start your training today at SimpliFly and take the first step towards building seniority within the airlines. Get there quicker and start training today with our accelerated pilot training program.

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The SimpliFly Guarantee

When you complete your private, instrument, commercial, and CFI training at SimpliFly, we have an exciting opportunity for you. As a testament to our confidence in your abilities, we offer a guaranteed interview for a teaching position as a CFI within our flight school. This exclusive opportunity allows you to showcase the knowledge and skills you have acquired during your training journey with us. Join our team of dedicated instructors, inspire future aviators, and make a meaningful impact in the aviation community. Take the next step in your career as a CFI with SimpliFly and let your passion for aviation soar.

How Much is Flight Training Going to Cost?

The cost of flight training varies greatly depending on a number of factors such as type of training, the student's aptitude and experience level, and the type of aircraft used.

Although the actual cost of flight training can vary widely, plan to budget around $10,000 to $15,000 for private pilot fixed wing. To get more details on hourly rates, program pricing, and potential financing options; give us a call today and speak to a SimpliFly team member.

Pilot passing private pilot checkride at SimpliFly

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Fly with experienced safe aviators that know the flight training industry.

We are a team of aviators that are experts in the flight training industry. We have decades of combined experience to get you safely in the air. Start your flight training today and see what we're talking about by scheduling a discovery flight.



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